Stall on Solarium ban will put lives at risk: AMA (WA)

Stall on Solarium ban will put lives at risk: AMA (WA)

Thursday 13 November 2014


The decision to stall the implementation of a solarium ban in Western Australia means more lives will be lost, AMA (WA) President Dr Michael Gannon said today.


“Health Minister Dr Kim Hames’ leadership in getting Cabinet to sign off on the ban of solariums in WA from January 2016 should be commended,” Dr Gannon said.


“However, the fact that a few Liberal Party backbenchers are attempting to block what is an important public health initiative is as breathtaking as it is disgraceful.


“For members of parliament to claim they need more evidence on the dangers of solariums is ludicrous – there is a mountain of evidence proving that commercial tanning beds increase the risk of cancer.


“Every other state in the country has recognised the danger solariums pose, and have taken the necessary action to ban these killing machines from January 1 2015.


“I am stunned that MPs are willing to jeopardise the health of West Australians just for the sake of the 20 or so tanning bed operators in WA .


“According to the Cancer Council of WA, approximately 1800 skin cancer cases linked to solarium use are found every year in WA.


“If this is not proof enough of the dangers of commercial tanning beds, I don’t know what is.


“We urge the State Government to follow all other Australian states and get rid of these machines as quickly as possible.


“We would also like to remind the people of WA that there is no such thing as a safe tan – be happy with the colour of your skin and don’t put yourself at the risk of Cancer just for vanity,” Dr Gannon said.


The AMA (WA) has already written to all State MPs regarding this issue, and will happily provide the evidence necessary to convince certain Liberal Party members of the dangers of these machines.

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