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Key Benefits

  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesJob security & safety – the AMA (WA) negotiates your EBA.
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesExpert advice & representation on contracts and entitlements.
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesLobbying for change and developing health policy by providing a voice to State and Federal Governments.
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesWorkshops, webinars, forums and training. Record your professional development with a free CPD Tracker.
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesSpecial member rates for MEDCON22.
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesReceive the MJA (valued at $499), InSight, Medicus & Med e-link publications plus a host of other tools and templates.
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesExclusive access to a range of networking, sporting, charity and formal events.
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesFree Police Medical ID card for use during emergencies.
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesGreat savings on goods and services from 100+ travel, automotive, health, fitness and entertainment retailers.
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesYour AMA (WA) membership fee is tax deductible.

Plus, other great benefits including:

  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesDiscounted private health insurance
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesFree online tax return* (valued at $87)
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesUp to $2,000 cashback on home loans*
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership Packages5% discount on life, home and car insurance*
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesFree financial health check and wealth report
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership Packages$100 vouchers on select insurance policies
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesFree CPR training
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership Packages5% discount at AMA Medical Products.

*T&Cs apply.




Why you should join us!

AMA member since 2015.

Dr Jemma Hogan

Co-Chair, AMA (WA) Doctors in Training Committee

"Starting your career in medicine is a new journey, a new way of life, a new world and one in which you will be making tough calls… but being an AMA (WA) member is just not one of them!
The AMA (WA) drives the annual Hospital Health Check to enable junior doctors like us to make smarter workplace choices. We are also behind game-changers like AMSA and Dr YES. Our work is driven by doctors, for doctors like you."

2022 Intern membership package

$36 per month (+GST)

Join now and choose your bonus!

Littmann 3M Classic III Stethoscope (Black) delivered to your door for $25 (valued at $150) or
a $100 voucher towards your MEDCON22 registration.

Internship 101 is now available for all AMA (WA) members

The 2022 Intern Guide is packed with useful advice and information to help all new interns navigate through their first year of practising medicine. Hear from senior colleagues and current doctors in training who share insights about how to make the most of your internship. The AMA (WA) Workplace Relations Team helps you understand your payslip, work entitlements, salary packaging and more. Other useful inclusions are the JMO Referral Guide, salary rates and the 2021 Hospital Health Check.

Intern Guide

See Flip Book

AMA (WA) working for Interns

  • Holding WA Health to account for providing better and safer working conditions via our exclusive Hospital Health Check survey.
  • Successfully fighting for interns at Fiona Stanley Hospital to be paid for hours worked prior to their contracted start dates.
  • Ensuring you receive payment for all hours worked, including on-call and recall. We continue to prosecute incidents of wage theft on behalf of DiTs.
  • Strongly advocating for the retention and portability of entitlements for training within WA, interstate and overseas.
  • Advocating for workforce reform to address staff shortages and unsafe rosters.
  • Advocating for interns when registration challenges arise with AHPRA.
  • Reviewing and interpreting intern contracts for members.
  • Working closely with WACHS to have intern contracts issued in a timely manner.
  • Releasing a 15-point Action Agenda to address key issues such as ramping, public hospital capacity, and COVID-19 safety and preparedness.
  • Calling for safer working conditions at Bunbury Regional Hospital, leading to a WorkSafe investigation.
  • Successfully campaigning for fair access to paid parental leave for all doctors and arguing for facilities to support return to work following parental leave.
  • Leading the debate on public health including action on climate change and health.
AMA (WA) | (WA) DiT Committee
Some of the members of the AMA (WA) DiT Committee

Support and Representation

The AMA (WA) provides industrial and professional guidance, support and representation for all DiTs.

The AMA (WA) DiT Committee places trainee doctors at the heart of AMA (WA) policy-making and political advocacy. Combined with our workplace advocacy, member benefits and professional services, the AMA (WA) is here to promote your professional interests and support your journey to specialisation.

As with the whole medical profession in WA, 2021 has seen DiTs continue to adapt and rise to the ongoing challenges of COVID-19. WA Health is a net importer of DiTs and with restricted borders, there are just not enough boots on the ground. This in turn negatively impacts DiT wellbeing, with access to leave becoming increasingly restrictive in the latter half of 2021.

We know that hospitals are not working hard enough to support the DiT workforce in their pathway to specialization – no one enters medical school to work as a resident medical officer forever. The AMA (WA) seeks to tackle this workforce problem by advocating for training length contracts. Such contracts would also make life planning easier, as DiTs would not be left reapplying for their role every 12 months, and both the hospitals and doctors would benefit from job security and a reduced administrative burden of constant recruitment.

Parental leave in particular has become a new focus, with many DiTs facing difficulties when making requests for parental leave. This leave cannot be denied by your employer due to staffing shortages as was recently attempted by WA Health. Paid parental leave is available to both men and women, and we encourage practitioners who experience difficulty in accessing parental leave to contact the AMA (WA).

The AMA (WA) Workplace Relations Team has been assisting DiTs and advocating on behalf of members when these unacceptable issues arise, and is in frequent conversations with the Chief Medical Officer and WA Health on a wide range of topics.

AMA (WA) | MEDICUS June 2021Hospital Health Check

With questions on morale and culture, wage theft, payslips and bullying, and a continued focus on education for career progression and access to leave, the Hospital Health Check was developed by DiTs for DiTs. The annual survey originated here in WA, back in 2015, and has since been adopted by other AMA state and territory offices.

Responses to HHC are anonymous. Furthermore, all responses are collated, analysed and reported by the AMA (WA) independent of the hospitals. All DiTs are invited to participate in the survey, and strongly encouraged to respond freely and openly.

Results from the 2021 Hospital Health Check were released in June this year, with the report card recording some of the worst overall scores since the annual survey commenced in 2015. Informed by responses from more than 800 DiTs across WA, the results illustrate that while DiTs are working harder to cover workforce shortages, the system is failing to support them.

With the data gathered from the 2021 HHC survey, the AMA (WA) and the DiT Committee will continue to progress and prosecute issues on your behalf, so that you can focus on patient care and your journey to specialisation.

View the 2021 Hospital Health Check Report Card by clicking here.