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Different. Dedicated. Experienced.


For over 25 years, AMA Financial Services has worked as a dedicated broker and financial adviser to health and medical professionals around Australia.

We’re different from the rest because our mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, financial advisers and support staff are not remunerated through commission systems – they work for you – and all the profits get returned to benefit the medical profession.

Our three financial divisions are:

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If you are buying a house or taking out a loan, there are hundreds of loans to choose from and lots of lenders. Our mortgage and finance brokers will work closely with you to understand your individual goals and needs, so you can choose the right loan for your circumstances.

It’s our job to make financing your investment easy for you. Choose how you wish to meet with us – via video call, phone, face to face or email.

Digital processing means you can sign forms from your laptop, and you can always call us if you need a hand.

AMA (WA) | Financial Services

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We offer a range of financial services to help you plan for your future, and to protect you and your family. Whatever your situation, whatever your needs, we have the services and skills to help you.

Our services include wealth creation, retirement planning, wealth protection, superannuation and estate planning.

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AMA Solutions | AMA (WA)

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We understand that time is a precious resource. We are here to help make your life easier. As part of the AMA, we understand your profession. We’ll help you navigate  the world of insurance, whether it’s professional, personal or lifestyle-related.

Our services include insurance for business, medical indemnity, practice indemnity, public liability, management liability, cyber, legal expenses, boats, motor vehicles, home, landlords and more.

We’ll make sure you’re covered right.