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CPD Made Simple

We are delighted to announce the AMA (WA)’s doctorportal Learning, trading as CPD Home, has been approved for initial accreditation by the Australia Medical Council (AMC) to deliver a national CPD home service to eligible doctors.

CPD Home guides you through the new CPD requirements, helping you kick your CPD goals.

The CPD Home service will:

Streamline access to learning that matters

  • AMA is committed to lifelong learning for doctors and has been supporting doctors for more than 100 years.
  • Our accredited CPD Program provides a quality-assured pathway for all Australian registered medical specialists (regardless of whether they are already a fellow of a college), international medical graduates, PGY3+ trainees and non-vocationally registered doctors to meet their annual CPD learning requirements.
  • The CPD Program is mandatory for subscribers to the CPD Home service.

CPD learning and tracking all in one place

  • Our CPD Program aims to provide a high-quality CPD framework that addresses a wide range of learning needs within the mandatory two domains of learning – ‘Educational Activities’ and ‘Reviewing Performance and Measuring Outcomes’, and meets the specialist high-level CPD requirements set by some specialty colleges.

The AMA’s CPD Home service is now available. Sign up today and be CPD Home ready!

To learn more, please visit the CPD Home and read our FAQs.