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One AMA, several services and solutions


The AMA has been the leading and trusted voice in healthcare since 1898 and as the peak professional medical group, we provide several business solutions specifically for our members, doctors, and other medical professionals Australia-wide.

We understand the challenges involved with being a doctor and the complexities around operating a business within our industry.

Our range of service and product solutions cater to the growing needs of medical professionals across Australia and include:

  • Online ordering of essential medical products and consumables delivered to your door in a timely manner, ensuring your practice and healthcare facility continues to service your patients
  • Professional financial services to help you plan your future
  • Finance broking service to help you navigate your way to choose the right home, commercial and investment loans to suit your needs.
  • Insurance broking service to assist you when you’re searching for professional, personal or lifestyle insurance
  • Training services to upskill your practice and healthcare employees
  • Recruitment services to find you quality and reliable temporary or permanent staff
  • Consulting services to help optimise the success of your practice
  • CPD home is your one-stop accredited learning, helping you get the most out of your professional development
  • Exclusive AMA member benefits.

Whether you’re getting a mortgage or purchasing insurance, recruiting staff and organising training, or buying medical instruments, we will be there for you.

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