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New 2021 Member Packages have just launched!

We have frozen our fees and are committed to driving more value to you.

Key Benefits

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Why you should join us!

AMA (WA) | Dr Michael Gannon AMA (WA) member since 1994

Dr Michael Gannon

Chair, AMA (WA) Private Specialist Practice Group

"In establishing its first ever Private Specialist Practice Committee, the AMA (WA) has recognised the change in the landscape of private practice and the move away from cottage industry and individual practice." Now, private specialists are just as likely to work in partnerships, for state-owned enterprises, or for listed companies. It has never been more important to protect our interests and to optimise the care of our patients as both private hospital operators and health insurers increasingly flex their muscles.

2021 Private Practice Specialists
Member Package

$144 per month (+GST)

AMA (WA) working for Private Practice Specialists

  • Personalised assistance with practice and staff management issues, including performance management, industrial awards and contracts of employment.
  • Advocating for expanded telehealth access for specialists during COVID-19.
  • Advocating for the safe resumption of elective surgery.
  • Directly lobbying the Federal Health Minister to move 46 passengers and crew with COVID-19 symptoms aboard the Artania cruise ship to Joondalup Health Campus, instead of Bethesda and Hollywood private hospitals (that were not suitably equipped at the time to carry an active case load).
  • Securing access to PPE during the pandemic.

Support and Representation

Private practitioners in WA face a number of unique challenges including rising healthcare costs, increasingly complex care, and funders of private specialist care seeking to drive down costs.

Private Specialist Practice is an essential component of our health system. The AMA (WA) aims to support private practice specialists through:

  • representation on the AMA (WA)’s peak policy-making body;
  • the provision of industrial advice and representation, where appropriate;
  • seminars and training opportunities for private specialists and their staff;
  • practice management advice and employment advice for doctors who employ staff; and
  • Federal and WA advocacy and political representation.


*Monthly fee has been rounded to closest dollar. The fee for private practice specialists is $1723.64 per annum, excluding GST, and can only be applied if you possess an ABN. The annual fee including GST is $1896.00.

Private Specialist Practice is an essential component of our health system.