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Consult. Recruit. Optimise.


Doctors want to focus on clinical services, and often do so in a commercial business practice.  AMA Consulting can help optimise the success of your practice or assist in solving business issues.


Outsourcing financial paperwork

We can assist in streamlining your bookkeeping, accounting and tax.  Whether your staff complete it all in-house, or your staff maintain records for a bookkeeper, we use cloud technology to improve efficiency.

Business growth

We can assist in creating a strategy and business plans, whether you’re seeking to align the objectives of all doctors, or raise finance from your bank.

Recruiting the right people

AMA Recruit knows the healthcare market better than anyone. It provides comprehensive recruitment services aimed at attracting high quality talent aligned with the requirements of your business.

HR consulting

Managing and retaining people can be one of the most challenging factors impacting your business. By ensuring you have appropriate HR policies and procedures in place, this not only protects you from a legislative perspective, but also ensures your people are manage appropriately throughout all stages of the HR life cycle, which assists in promoting a positive workplace culture. AMA Consulting can provide comprehensive expert HR advice tailored to suit your business needs.

Business optimisation

Questioning your efficiency as a business?  We can provide a comprehensive and objective review aimed at improving operations and identifying ways to work more efficiently.

Share a problem

As the old adage goes, ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’ and maybe we can help to solve it completely?

For more information regarding HR consulting services, please email Yvette McQueen at

For all other consulting services, please email David McClelland at