AMA (WA) condemns Hanson vaccination comments

AMA (WA) condemns Hanson vaccination comments

Tuesday 7 March 2017


The Liberal Party should be condemned for doing a preference deal with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation – a party that has created doubt and even fear about the key health issue of vaccination, Australian Medical Association (WA) President Dr Andrew Miller said today.


“Vaccination has been one of the greatest medical breakthroughs in the history of health care. Thanks to vaccination, diseases that have ended the lives of millions are now historical footnotes.


“Deliberately creating doubt about vaccination is dangerous and stupid, and is especially damaging coming from the leader of a political party which, according to polls, is likely to have candidates sitting in State Parliament.


“It is profoundly disappointing that the AMA and health professionals throughout the world have had to come out over the last few days to support the efficacy and safety of vaccination.


“It is hugely disappointing that Pauline Hanson has arrived in WA to desperately beg for a few votes from those attracted by misinformation peddled by a few people on the internet.


“This is a desperate ploy by One Nation to garner attention and to frighten people.


“It is also disappointing that the Liberal Party has done a preference deal with One Nation and I am left wondering what sort of impact this deal will have on a future Liberal Government.


“What sort of deals will a Liberal Government have to make with One Nation to get legislation through the Legislative Council? I fear that One Nation will demand these sort of anti-health deals to get their support.”


“We don’t want to disrespect those who are attracted to One Nation, but we are very concerned about the possible impact of the preference deal on a future Liberal Government.


“We call on the Mr Barnett to immediately make it clear that he will not, under any circumstances, give any credence to these sort of ideas.


“We urge all parties – especially the ALP and the Liberal/National parties – to base their health policies on science, not political expedience,” Dr Miller said.

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