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Enterprise bargaining agreement needs more agreement

Thursday March 25, 2021

The AMA (WA) is pleased to be making progress with the enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) negotiations for WA doctors.

WA Health has sought the assistance of the WA Industrial Relations Commission to help with negotiations, a move that is welcomed by the AMA (WA).

Over the last 18 months, the AMA (WA) has tried to negotiate with WA Health who have not been willing to compromise or give serious consideration to improving the working conditions of doctors. This is one of the reasons we look forward to having an independent Commissioner help the parties reach an agreement.

Earlier this year, WA Health unilaterally made an administrative payment of $1,000, leaving many doctors confused about the extra payment, as it was applied inconsistently across the profession.  The payment was merely a smokescreen to deflect from much-needed improvements to the working conditions of doctors.

The AMA (WA) has and will continue to fight for the rights of our State’s doctors. Some of the conditions we have been fighting for include:

  • employment stability for public hospital doctors who are currently all employed on short-term contracts
  • portability of entitlements for doctors in training who lose their sick leave and annual leave when they take up another position in WA Health
  • proper recognition of expert qualifications (and remuneration) for doctors at the Sexual Assault Resource Centre
  • proper recognition of specialist qualifications of general practitioners at public hospitals (and remuneration).

WA Health has been most intransigent, even when the amendments we have requested to the EBA would not cost the Government extra money and would make the Agreement more accessible for all parties, such as simplifying the language of the recall clause.