In the Community

Patient care and public health are high priorities to members of the AMA, and the AMA (WA) also campaigns tirelessly for the rights of patients, better public health services, guaranteed freedom of choice in the private system and the right to retain access to Australia’s high standards of medicine. The AMA campaigns on welfare issues affecting a community of some 2.5 million patients across the state of WA.


Health Training Australia (Inc) (HTA) is an AMA (WA) sponsored group training organization. HTA offers entry level employment and training to those seeking work in the role of a care worker. Though HTA Training Services, workers in aged care, home care, mental health and disability have the opportunity to develop their skills and receive a nationally recognised Certificate IV qualification. For information about HTA and courses on offer visit the HTA website.


As part of the AMA (WA)s ongoing commitment to quality training and traineeships in health, medical and community services, the Australian Medical Association (WA) offers a limited number of Industry Scholarships to eligible trainees undertaking traineeship training. The AMA Industry Scholarships helps offset some of the cost of the training. AMA Industry Scholarships focus on priority areas – in particular those involved in delivering front-line services in mental health, aged care, home care, disability services and in general practice. Please contact us on 9273 3033 to determine eligibility to undertake a traineeship or to make application for an AMA Industry Scholarship.


AMA (WA) has been supporting Indigenous Australians to achieve sustainable health and employment outcomes and help close the gap on Indigenous disadvantage through the operation of various programs for over 20 years.


The AMA (WA) also has a strong focus on youth programs with both Dr YES and the Youth Friendly Doctor training program, seeking to address a range of youth health issues that affect young Western Australians.


For doctors, AMA (WA) provides a range of professional development programs, including CPR training which is available to members at no charge. A comprehensive First Aid and CPR program is provided for practice staff and the general community at competitive rates.