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Share your story and help advocate for change.

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  • Have you or your colleagues been unfairly impacted by management decision-making?
  • Are you on a contract of less than five years? Or on a second or subsequent six-month contract?
  • Have you lost your leave entitlements because you transferred between employers for the sake of furthering your medical training?
  • Have you been denied long service, parental leave or sick leave?
  • Do you have a specialist qualification, but are not employed as a consultant?
  • Do you claim all your recalls? Have you been denied a recall payment, or has WA Health’s inconsistent application of on-call and recall provisions impacted you?

You need to share your story now – because the State Government doesn’t think this impacts your wellbeing. They don’t think you deserve these issues being addressed.

Help us to help you, as we raise our collective voice against the indiscriminate nature of WA Health policies and hold the bureaucracy to account. Your experience will help inform and underpin our advocacy.

AMA (WA) members who are seeking specific action on their query should contact our AMA (WA) Workplace Relations team via, once you have submitted your story online.

Share Your Story

    Sometimes when we share stories with the media, a journalist will ask whether they can contact the author directly to clarify details or find out more. Being contacted doesn’t mean you have to let them use your name – you can be sure that you will remain anonymous if you wish, even if an article about your concerns is published.
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