Dr YES Media

Dr YES Media

High school students in the Great Southern region will have the opportunity to discuss sexual health, drugs and alcohol and mental health issues when the Dr YES team of dedicated medical students visit nine schools across the region, this week.


Twenty-four Dr YES students have volunteered their time to discuss health issues with high school students in a frank, informative and non-threatening environment with more than 1,200 students from years 8–12 over five days.


“Dr YES volunteers are only a few years older than the high school students which helps break down communication barriers and encourages students to ask questions and raise problems that may be impacting on their lives,” said Dr YES Project Officer Malindi Haggett.


“Most sessions go for an hour and the Dr YES team use humour, sketches and small group discussions to help make students feel at ease.


“The program complements the secondary school curriculum and gives students the knowledge and confidence to access the health system.”


Dr YES is an initiative of the Australian Medical Association (WA) Foundation which supports innovative programs to help improve the health and well-being of young people. The program is endorsed by the WA Health Department, the WA Department of Education, the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at UWA and the University of Notre Dame.


The Dr YES team will be travelling through the region in their distinctive blue bus. More than 70,000 students throughout WA have taken part in the Dr YES program since it started 13 years ago.




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