Dr YES (Youth Education Sessions)

Dr YES is a program run by the AMA where medical students go out to metropolitan and rural high schools to have open and frank discussions about the big issues facing youth health – particularly Alcohol and Drugs and Sexual Health.One of our goals is to help break down the barriers preventing young people from accessing health care and overcome some of the common misconceptions about doctors.


Dr YES is proudly supported by the AMA (WA) Foundation.


Dr YES relies on a limited pool of volunteer medical students and demand for the program increases each year. Please be aware that we may not be able to meet all of your requirements, although we will do the best we can. A more detailed description of each session, and of the program in general, is provided in the Dr YES Teachers’ Guidebook. Please refer to this document before selecting your sessions.


We understand that your timetables may not be finalised for next year as yet but please provide as much information as you have available so we can at least give you a provisional booking.


Please follow this link and complete the online booking form to submit a request for Dr YES (Youth Education Services) to visit your school.