Practice Staff

Health Sector Placement Services

In addition to the extensive employment support afforded to doctors, AMA Recruit provides recruitment and placement services for many allied health professionals and support staff including:


  • Health Sector Business Executives
  • Medical Practice Managers
  • Medical Receptionists, Secretaries and Typists
  • Medical Practice Bookkeepers and Accounts Personnel
  • Reception Trainees
  • Hospital Personnel
  • Pharmacy and Dental Assistants
  • Allied Health care Professionals


Email to lodge your vacancy or speak to one of our expert consultants please phone (08) 9273 3033. Visit to access job opportunities.


For more information about our medical receptionist recruitment services click here.

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Why I Joined the AMA (WA)...
"I joined the AMA for all the advocacy work that is done. It is great to be part of an organisation that supports and assists doctors in training in many aspects of their work."
Dr Sarah Strathie Page
Dr Sarah Strathie Page
Let’s make our hospitals healthy again
Dr David Oldham
Wednesday, 26th April 2017

Several years ago, the Department of Health adapted a motto that included “Healthy Hospitals, Healthy Staff”.   A few reconfigurations later, and some say they have never seen our hospitals or staff, looking sicker. So, what are the main factors …