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World Heart Day

Tuesday September 29, 2020

More than two-thirds of Australian adults have at least three risk factors for heart disease. That amounts to almost 13 million people at risk of the nation’s biggest killer.

Today, on World Heart Day, the Australian Medical Association (WA) is reminding West Australians about the importance of heart health.

“The good news is that many types of heart disease can be prevented,” said AMA (WA) President Dr Andrew Miller.

“Seeing your GP regularly for a Heart Health Check will help you better understand your risk of a heart attack or stroke.

“A Heart Health Check involves blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels tests and a conversation with your GP about your family history, diet, physical activity levels, alcohol intake and smoking status.

“Your GP can help you to reduce your risk for heart disease and if needed, help you to make lifestyle changes, prescribe you medication and/or refer you to another health professional for further support.”

Eligible patients receive a Medicare rebate when they get a Heart Health Check from their GP.

Modelling done by the Heart Foundation has indicated that up to 76,500 cardiovascular disease-related events (including heart attacks, strokes and deaths) could be prevented with the uptake of Heart Health Checks over the next five years.

Give your GP a call to book in your Heart Health Check today.


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