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Dr Mark Duncan-Smith | AMA (WA)

The AMA (WA) again calls for the introduction of low-level social restrictions

Tuesday January 25, 2022

Australian Medical Association (WA)

The AMA (WA) is again calling for modest social restrictions to be put in place immediately to reduce the peak of Omicron infections, with modelling suggesting vast differences in outcomes without such measures.

The Premier has suggested applying such measures too early will lead to non-compliance and more social disorder, but no evidence has been identified by the AMA (WA) which supports this assertion.

Rather, such measures now would in fact quell further social upheaval, as they would prevent the need for extended lockdown, which is more probable if the highly infectious Omicron variant of COVID-19 is allowed to proliferate in the community unhindered.

With Omicron already spreading in the community, and new infection sites being identified every day over a wide area of the State, the AMA (WA) believes these social measures should be applied as a matter of urgency.

Similar to current South Australian Level 1 restrictions, upon which the AMA (WA) modelling is based, these relatively modest restrictions could include:

• Density restrictions on hospitality;
• Masks indoors;
• Maximum 10 people at home;
• Dancing allowed at weddings only (not nightclubs or other events); and
• Work from home if at all possible.

Quotes attributable to AMA (WA) President Dr Mark Duncan-Smith:

“The AMA (WA) is not calling for a lockdown but is again calling for low-level restrictions similar to South Australia, that has been shown to reduce the peak of Omicron new infections, based on Omicron modelling.”

“If social restrictions are a great idea next week, they are a good idea this week, and an even better idea last week when the AMA (WA) first called for them.”

“Modest restrictions now may reduce the need for harsher restrictions later.”

“Modest restrictions now may help WA avoid lockdown, which should only be necessary if our health system shows evidence of a predicted overrun.”

“If the Premier is going to use a ‘stepped’ approach to this Omicron outbreak, I respectfully request him to take the first step now.”

“Early action is better than late reaction.”

“Let it rip is the way to maximise disease and death.”

“I can find no evidence in the literature that modest early restrictions lead to later non-compliance.”


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