The AMA (WA) offers expert workplace relations advice and assistance, tailored to the medical profession

The Workplace Relations & Policy Team at the Australian Medical Association (WA) offers all medical professionals expert advice and assistance. We represent doctors’ industrial interests as employees, contractors and employers across the public and private sectors. Our team has more than 75 years of experience in workplace relations, including contract interpretation, agreement and award negotiation, employee management and dispute resolution.

Workplace relations advice and assistance services are included in your AMA (WA) membership fee and come at no extra cost. This can include representation where appropriate.

We also advocate on behalf of the medical profession in relation to health system management and policy development.

Warren Edwardes

Director, Industrial/Legal

Josephine Auerbach

Senior Adviser, Industrial/Legal

Amanda Kaczmarek

Senior Adviser, Industrial/Legal

David Copland

Policy & Research Lead (Industrial/Political/Legal)

Miika Coppard

Research Adviser

Casey Turner

Workplace Relations Adviser

Renee Rice

Executive Assistant

Contact the AMA (WA) Workplace Relations & Policy Team

The AMA (WA) is a membership based organisation and aims to respond to all AMA (WA) member enquiries in two business days. If you have any queries for the AMA (WA) Workplace Relations & Policy Team, please contact us below.