Federal AMA Arrangements | AMA (WA)

Federal AMA Arrangements

AMA (WA) members should be aware that the AMA (WA) and the Federal AMA are separate organisations, and there was a service agreement between the two organisations which expired on 31 December 2018. The arrangements between the AMA (WA) and the Federal AMA have been actively under review and negotiation. 

AMA (WA) members should be aware when renewing their AMA (WA) memberships that this may not confer membership of Federal AMA from 1 January 2024. 

The AMA (WA) does not anticipate any significant impact on members. The AMA (WA) continues to be the peak industry body for medical professionals in Western Australia, which actively advocates on behalf of both individual members, and collectively for the medical profession and patients. 

The AMA (WA) hopes that collaboration with the Federal AMA will continue. Depending on the outcome of negotiations, access to certain member benefits provided by the Federal AMA, including MJA and the Fees List, may be affected. 

Please refer to Members Benefits Disclaimer.