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Milestone Voluntary Assisting Dying option commences

Thursday July 1, 2021

Australian Medical Association (WA)

From today, 1 July 2021, an eligible adult will now be able to access voluntary assisted dying (VAD) as part of their end-of-life choice options.  

It has been a long 18 months for the Department, since the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2019 (WA) was passed by Parliament,  and they have now launched a comprehensive and easily accessible library of resources^ to assist practitioners and the community.

These resources provide practitioners an in-depth understanding of the process and their obligations in responding to a First Request for VAD, as well as provide information to those suffering a terminal disease or illness, whose end will be intolerable.

The Library has been split into four sections:


 The below quick links provides vital information for AMA(WA) members who are considering becoming a voluntary assisted dying practitioner.

  1. Voluntary assisted dying – what every medical practitioner needs to know
  2. Voluntary assisted dying – what every health practitioner and healthcare worker needs to know

Other helpful resources


This resource provides medical practitioners and nurse practitioners the information relating to the eligibility requirements, the WA VAD Approved Training requirements and registration.


This library provides information to assist practitioners to understand the process of considering a request for VAD, as well as what their obligations are.

The Process

Any medical practitioner who receives a First Request for access to VAD voluntary must:

  1. Give* the patient the Approved Information for a Person Making a First Request for Voluntary Assisted Dying (PDF 942KB)booklet
  2. Decide if they are going to accept or refuse the First Request
  3. Inform* the patient of their decision
  4. Complete* and submit the First Request Form to the Voluntary Assisted Dying Board via VAD-IMS (external site)
  5. Document the following in the patient’s medical record:

Further information regarding practitioners obligations, Approved Information and other First Request resources are available on the First Request page.


There are a number of VAD information guides available for those suffering a terminal disease or illness and seeking a tolerable end to their suffering.

Further information for the community is available in the End-of-Life Community Resource Library.

  • the First Request
  • the medical practitioner’s decision to accept or refuse the First Request
  • if refusal, the reason for refusal
  • whether the medical practitioner has given the patient the Approved Information booklet.

Additional resources for practitioners

Quick Reference Guide – First Request Form (PDF 1.2MB)

Quick Reference Guide – Upload a signed form (PDF 735KB)

Demo video – First Request Form (external site)

How can we assist?

Should you have any questions relating to VAD, please email or call (08) 9273 3000.


^AMA (WA) is not the owner of the resources, which have been prepared by WA Health.  The AMA (WA) encourages all medical practitioners to be aware of their obligations under the VAD Act and seek further advice and guidance if they have any questions or concerns.