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Equal Opportunity Act 1984 (WA)

Equal Opportunity Act review

Friday October 8, 2021


The AMA (WA) regularly makes submissions to Government relating to legislative change. Sometimes the submission is prompted by a particular incident or issue that has occurred for a member, and other times there will be a formal review. In the case of the latter, there are often a list of specific questions posed.

The Equal Opportunity Act 1984 (WA) is currently open for periodic review. The AMA (WA) will make a submission on parts of the Act that relate to members and their patients. Some of the issues being focused in this review are:

  • Should the definition of ‘gender identity’ be changed?
  • Should the protections in the Act relating to guide or hearing dogs be extended to any assistance or therapeutic animal certified by a medical practitioner or regulation?
  • Should the protections for pregnancy be broadened in the Act to potential pregnancy and/or child[1]bearing capacity?
  • Should the Act specifically include sexual harassment by members of Parliament?
  • Should prohibitions on conversion practices be included in the Act?

There are many more interesting and thought-provoking questions open for discussion as part of this review. As always, the AMA (WA) highly values the input of members. For more information or to contribute, email Jenna Cowie, Policy and Research Advisor – Jenna.Cowie@amawa.com.au.