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ASMOF seeking DiT delegate to Federal Council

Thursday April 20, 2023

The Australian Salaried Medical Officers’ Federation (ASMOF) is conducting an expression of interest process amongst financial Doctor in Training (DiT) members to fill a DiT Delegate vacancy to ASMOF Federal Council.

Interested candidates may submit a biography and/or statement (200 words or less) in support of their candidature. Expressions of interest must be lodged by email with the Federal Secretary, Dr Roderick McRae, via​ by 5pm AEST 5 May 2023.

What is Federal Council

Federal Council is the supreme governing authority of ASMOF.  It is comprised of Delegates from ASMOF’s Branches, the numbers of whom are based on the number of financial members in a Branch, as well as two (2) Doctor in Training Delegates who are directly elected from ASMOF’s financial DIT members around Australia.

Role of Federal Council Delegates

The role of Delegates to ASMOF’s Federal Council includes:

  • Preparing and monitoring the organisation’s policies, strategies and plans;
  • Drafting and voting on changes to ASMOF’s rules or policies;
  • Executing strategies pertaining to key issues affecting the organisation and its members;
  • Enforcing ASMOF’s rules;
  • Receiving financial reports for the organisation; and
  • Approving an annual budget for the organisation.

As a Delegate representing DITs, you may well be called on to contribute a DIT perspective to Council discussions on training and other workplace issues impacting DITs.

It is a statutory requirement of the office that you undergo governance training within six (6) months of your appointment to the position.  This will be conducted by Zoom on a group basis; alternatively the course can be completed individually online.

Meetings of Federal Council

Federal Council typically meets on an annual basis, in late November/early December. Meetings are held in Sydney or Melbourne, in close proximity to the airport to minimise travel time.

The meetings are hybrid, with in-person attendance preferred.

Delegates may also be asked to vote throughout the year in electronic ballot(s) as matters arise that require immediate decision of Council.