AMA (WA) | Osbourne Park Hospital

Asbestos containing materials discovered at Osborne Park Hospital

Friday July 31, 2020

The AMA (WA) wrote to NMHS following reports that asbestos had been identified at Osborne Park Hospital (OPH).

The AMA (WA) sought confirmation regarding the discovery of asbestos and express assurances in relation to the health and safety of medical practitioners, healthcare workers and patients at OPH.

NMHS Chief Executive Tony Dolan responded to the AMA (WA), confirming that asbestos had been detected and that it was being managed in line with requirements.

The AMA (WA) was also advised that the removal of asbestos containing materials would require staff an patients of OPH’s Women and Newborn Service to be temporarily relocated.  NMHS has specific obligations under Clause 53 of the WA Health System – Medical Practitioners – AMA Industrial Agreement 2016, to provide the AMA (WA) and affected practitioners relevant information.  This includes information about the nature of the changes proposed; the expected effects of the changes on practitioners and any other matters likely to affect practitioners.

The AMA (WA) is yet to receive this information, and requested NMHS comply with its obligations under Clause 53 of the Agreement.

We strongly encourage practitioners to contact the AMA (WA) if they have any concerns about the health and safety of themselves, their colleagues or patients.