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Person flexing arm after vaccination

AMA (WA) muscle helps secure fair flu vax deal

Friday June 3, 2022

In the latest example of AMA (WA) advocacy achieving significant results for members, a deal has been struck for compensation for GPs, regarding the WA Government’s free influenza vaccination scheme for the month of June.

Last weekend, strenuous negotiations with the Government were held, led by RACGP (WA) President Ramya Raman, with the strong support and involvement of AMA (WA) GP representatives Dr’s Simon Torvaldsen and Mary Wyatt.




The aim was, firstly, to ensure recompense to GPs for stock already held, and secondly, impressing on government advisers that whilst GPs generally bulk bill flu vaccination clinics, they cannot insist on bulk billing as a condition of their scheme.

We asked that they follow the Queensland model of “usual billing practices will apply”.

The Government has agreed to pay $22 for each vaccine delivered, to cover the cost of the vaccine in addition to any consultation fee. We have also negotiated a $2,000 grant to practices participating in and helping promote the scheme.

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