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AMA (WA) | Christmas Message

A very surgical Christmas

Thursday December 24, 2020

Dr Megge Beacroft, Co-Chair, AMA (WA) Doctors in Training Committee

It was quiet in the theatre, for the Christmas break had come
No more elective cases, only pus and blood and bums.
Leave relief exhausted, the admin emails say
No time off for tired doctors, just public holiday pay.

The ED doors are open, and calls keep coming in
No time for feeling festive when the bed request is in.
It’s abdo pain they say, requesting surgical review
For who would want a CT, when our magic hands would do.

No time to stop and admire the little Christmas tree
The ward wants meds and fluids, and to change an old IV.
The bloods and scan take ages, now the patient’s on the ward,
Looks like appendicitis, quick, get them on the board.

The DA wants an echo, ECG and X-ray chest.
I just want a quiet night, some ham, a little rest.
A trauma patient comes in hot and everything’s delayed
Although my shoes are bloodied, another life is saved.

The fasting patient’s angry, and wants to talk to me
No time for food or coffee, to even stop and pee.
If it wasn’t for the nurses baking goodies for the team
I’d live off midnight snacks à la vending machine.

I get photos from the family, of drinks out by the pool
While I’ve been called to the Geri’s Ward to view suspicious stool.
For who needs sun and family or holidays at all.
When Vitamin D in tablet form is stocked on every ward.

But would I change this crazy life, or give it up at all
To spend more time outside these walls and less of life on call?
I doubt I’d find another job that makes me want to stay
I get to help my patients, that’s my Christmas Day.