Rates & Payment Options

2020 Annual and Monthly Rates

All figures include 10% GST and are fully tax deductible.


Category Description Annual Monthly
F1Y1 Year 1 (Intern) $594.00 $49.50
F2Y1 Year 2 (RMO) $654.00 $54.50
F3Y1 Year 3 (RMO) $714.00 $59.50
F4Y1 Year 4 (RMO) $882.00 $73.50
F5Y1 Year 5 and Thereafter (Including Registrar) $1,008.00 $84.00
FPGPR Part Time GP Registrars $540.00 $45.00
FFGPR Full Time GP Registrars $882.00 $73.50
FPP1 General Practice $1,668.00 $139.00
FPS1 Private Practice Specialist $1,896.00 $158.00
FSR1 Senior Practitioner in Salaried Service $1,896.00 $158.00
FPH1 Dr working part time (0.2) 1-10 hrs/week $540.00 $45.00
FPT1 Dr working part time (0.5) 11-30 hrs/week $894.00 $74.50
FJJ1 Joint Membership (Partner Membership) $2,568.00 $214.00
FVV1 Over 70 and Still in Practice $786.00 $65.50
FBB1 Overseas $768.00 $64.00
FPPL Parental Leave $312.00 $26.00
FRR1 Retired from Practice $312.00 $26.00


Concession Categories
These are special categories to temporarily cover financial hardship, prolonged illness and overseas travel and study. Please contact our Membership Officer on 08 9273 3055 or email membership@amawa.com.au.

Payment Options

We recommend using the Online Payment facility on this website to pay your subscription each year via credit card. You can also use our online forms to set up an automatic Direct Debit arrangement. If you do not have an appropriate credit card, or would rather pay using another method, we also have the following payment methods available:


  • Online Payment – Our recommended method of payment, using credit card
  • BPay – Please refer to your renewal form for your individual reference number (biller code 97428)
  • BPoint – Please phone 1300 276 468; biller code 97428, reference number from your renewal form
  • Pay by Phone – Please phone 08 9273 3000 and have your credit card ready
  • Pay by Fax – Please fax your completed renewal form to 08 9273 3073
  • In Person – Come in to the AMA (WA) office at 14 Stirling Highway Nedlands
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Why I Joined the AMA (WA)...
"It is my hope that we can tackle the challenges our profession faces, united as one. If we dislike our working hours, our pay, gender inequality or low training opportunities, we can change these together. As a nurse in my previous life, I know that when a profession stands as one, people listen."
Dr Rebecca Cogan
Dr Rebecca Cogan
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