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Tax and Accounting Services

Tax and Accounting Services

AMA Consulting is owned and operated by the Australian Medical Association (WA) and can assist you and your medical practice to optimise success and overcome business problems.

Accounting Services for Private Practice

The Australian Medical Association (WA) is the largest independent professional organisation for medical practitioners and medical students in Western Australia. In addition to professional and industrial support and advice, the AMA (WA) has introduced a new Accounting Service specifically to meet the needs of doctors working in private and general practice.


  • Technology – the latest Cloud based services, integrated with your existing Practice Management software.
  • Efficiency – we save you valuable time.
  • Control – we organise payments and payroll.
  • Expertise – we provide your medical practice with detailed insights on key financial performance metrics.
  • Experience – staffed with fully qualified and highly experienced bookkeepers.
  • Compliance – we work with you to create your quarterly BAS returns; submit one touch payroll; pay share of billings to self-employed doctors, and complete information to your tax accountant.
  • Flexibility – offer various accounting options to suit your medical practice requirements.

Tax and accounting fees

The AMA (WA) offers a simple and transparent fee structure to suit a range of business needs, from a small practice with up to three doctors paying only $21,000 p.a. to a full bookkeeping service for a large medical practice employing 15 or more staff.

We will analyse your current accounting systems to identify any limitations and inefficiencies creating unnecessary additional or hidden costs e.g. if you currently have staff spending time on financial administration and you also pay an external bookkeeper, we will utilise specialised accounting technology and dedicated experts to limit the time required of your staff so they only need to forward paperwork rather than spend time on it.


Tax accountant

The AMA (WA) has introduced a new Tax Accounting service that can be independent of bookkeeping and will provide you with access to specialist advice for even the most complex personal tax requirements.

Whether you are a Private Practice owner or a doctor earning a simple share of billings, we can ensure that your tax obligations are professionally managed.

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