WA ill-prepared for population surge: AMA (WA)

WA ill-prepared for population surge: AMA (WA)

Friday 29 November 2013


Latest Australian Bureau of Statistics population projections have confirmed that Western Australia is facing a surge in numbers that we are ill-prepared for, AMA (WA) President Dr Richard Choong said today.


According to the recently released data, Perth is set to become the third largest city in the nation by 2028 at 3 million people, overtaking Brisbane.


“These latest population projections are indeed worrying, as we don’t currently have the infrastructure in place to deal with becoming Australia’s third biggest city,” Dr Choong said.
“We have been lobbying for more beds for the better part of the year, only to be repeatedly told by the State Government that we have more than enough beds to deal WA’s population influx.


“However there seems to be a belief that the future can look after itself. We need to plan for the future so that we continue to have the beds and the medical professionals we will need.


“Every government – and every generation – needs to ensure that we are doing all that can be done to prepare for a future we know is coming,” Dr Choong said.


“Is it too much to ask the Government to future proof our health system?”


“The proposed bed capacity for the new Perth Children’s Hospital has been based on outdated population predictions, and will be operating at full capacity just two years after opening.


“WA’s population is going to double in size by 2040, and based on these projections, the number of available beds in the metropolitan area (per 1000 people) is actually going to decrease.


“We need the State Government to urgently reassess its stance on bed numbers, before WA’s health system reaches breaking point.


“We also need to ensure that planning by the State Government on health is always based on the very latest data,” Dr Choong said.


To view the latest population data from the ABS, please click here.


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