Update your details and help us stay in touch with you

Update your details and help us stay in touch with you

Tuesday 15 October 2019













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Why I Joined the AMA (WA)...
"It is my hope that we can tackle the challenges our profession faces, united as one. If we dislike our working hours, our pay, gender inequality or low training opportunities, we can change these together. As a nurse in my previous life, I know that when a profession stands as one, people listen."
Dr Rebecca Cogan
Dr Rebecca Cogan
Communication key in testing times
Harry D’Souza
Monday, 18th November 2019

The struggling student stands out like a sore thumb. You can tell from their unkempt hair, unwashed clothes, and tired eyes that they are behind. They’ll be late to placement, obstructive, and refuse help when you offer it. Correct assumptions, …