Doctors in Training Practice Group

The Doctors in Training Practice Group is the Australian Medical Association (WA) Constitutional Practice Group that represents and advocates for the interests of all doctors in training (DiTs) in WA.

It has a proud reputation of being the strongest local advocate for DiTs across the country. We represent DiTs from internship through to trainee registrars and tie in with the RMO Societies at each hospital to ensure we have a good understanding of on-the-ground issues at all sites.

Through the DiT Practice Group, issues that influence the lives and careers of doctors in training are constantly examined and responded to, and the AMA (WA) campaigns to ensure that standards across all aspects of a DiT’s working life are maintained and improved.

The DiT Practice Group is represented on the AMA (WA) Council and the federal AMA’s Council of Doctors in Training (AMACDT).

If you would like to contact any member of the DIT committee, please email Amanda Kaczmarek or phone the AMA (WA) on (08) 9273 3000.

DiT Practice Group Meetings

The DiT Practice Group meetings are open to any DiT who is a member of the AMA (WA). Unless otherwise arranged, these meetings take place every second Monday of each month at the AMA (WA), commencing at 6.30pm and concluding at 9.30pm, if not before.