The McGowan Government & WA Health refuse to give WA doctors a fair go.

AMA 9WA) | A Fair Go Campaign

Premier, WA public hospital doctors deserve better!

Over the past 19 months, the AMA (WA) has been locked into complex negotiations with WA Health Systemwide Industrial Relations Service (SWIRS), Public Sector Labour Relations representatives as well as various tiers of government including the Minister for Health, Hon Roger Cook MLA and the Minister for Industrial Relations, Hon. Bill Johnston MLA.

Since March 2019, AMA (WA) representatives have actively advocated for each of the 86 claims we presented to WA Health. Over that time, we have contracted our list of claims to five priority matters – our primary intention being to secure better working conditions to improve the morale, culture and safety of the workplace.

To date, all WA Health offers have failed to adequately address any of our priority claims; in some instances, they have refused to address them altogether or sought to reduce your entitlements.

AMA (WA) | Latest Updates

  • 01 December 2020 – Minister for Industrial Relations, Hon. Bill Johnston tells the AMA (WA), “I am disappointed the AMA has decided to reject the Government’s most recent offer for a replacement Agreement”. Read the full letter here.
  • 24 November 2020 – The DG of WA Health tells the AMA (WA) that “facts were not reflected in your article” (referring to Dr Andrew Miller’s column in the October edition of Medicus) and the Department of Health remains committed to resolving negotiations. Read the DG’s full letter here along with AMA (WA) commentary.
  • 30 October 2020 – The AMA (WA) rejects WA Health’s Offer for a replacement agreement –  informing the DG “it would be irresponsible…to agree to continue a system of senior practitioner appointments, which has routinely resulted in employer behaviours that negatively impact the safe function of the WA health system.” Read our letter here.
  • 1 October 2020  – Minister for Industrial Relations, Hon. Bill Johnston tells the AMA (WA) “membership is unlikely to accept commensurate salary reductions to reinstate permanency”, but hopes to conclude negotiations in the collective spirit being demonstrated across the public sector. Read Minister Johnston’s letter here.


Share your story & help advocate for change

You need to share your story now – because the State Government doesn’t think this impacts your wellbeing. They don’t think you deserve these issues being addressed. All details will be kept confidential and secure. The AMA (WA) will not use your story in any way that would identify you – without your express permission.