State Government fails to future-proof Perth Children’s Hospital

State Government fails to future-proof Perth Children’s Hospital

Tuesday 1 October 2013


According to the AMA (WA), the State Government has missed a once-in-a-generation opportunity to future-proof the new Perth Children’s Hospital.


“The additional beds announced by the State Government is little more than a stop-gap measure that will not provide enough capacity for even short-term future demand,” AMA (WA) Vice President Dr Michael Gannon said.


“The extra beds will only provide much-needed space for another five or six years – we should be building a children’s hospital for the next fifty years, he said.


“The people who will suffer most from today’s decision are the sick children of WA and their families.”


“We had one great opportunity to serve our children and the Government has dropped the ball. This is a very sad day for health in WA.”


“Re-configuring the current hospital is an admission by the Government that it got its planning wrong. After first refusing to admit that the plans were based on old population growth data it has now been forced to admit reality – that additional beds are needed,” Dr Gannon said.


“If it is true that bad economic management has cost us the opportunity of adding one or two floors to the new Perth Children’s Hospital, the Government should hang its head in shame.


“We need an additional 100 beds to provide for the future. As a growing and wealthy state it should be an easy decision to make to add the additional capacity. Health should come first, before many other infrastructure needs that have been planned by the Government in recent years.”


There is a small window of opportunity for this matter. In just a number of weeks it will be too late to add an additional floor.


“I therefore call on Premier Barnett to reconsider his decision and to help provide for the future health of Western Australians.”


“There is nothing more important than the health of our population, especially the health of our children,” Dr Gannon said.


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