Serco contract cancellation the right step. Now there must be an inquiry

Serco contract cancellation the right step. Now there must be an inquiry

Monday 20 April 2015


The State Government has made the right decision in removing the Fiona Stanley Hospital sterilisation contract from Serco. However, it must immediately conduct a review into the circumstances under which it was awarded, the AMA (WA) said today.


“The proper sterilisation of operating theatre equipment is a core aspect of best practice clinical care. Who provides that service is a vital consideration in delivering world class health care,” AMA (WA) President Dr Michael Gannon said.


“We believe the decision to remove the contract was the right one. However we believe a mistake has been made and an opportunity lost by not finding out how and why Serco was originally awarded the contract,” Dr Gannon said.


“Who made the decision to award the contract and why? Why was the contract for something as important as sterilisation awarded to a company that had so little background, expertise or experience in this area?


“We need to ensure this type of mistake is not repeated. We can do this by reviewing the original decision.


“The Government must immediately hold an inquiry into all circumstances surrounding the awarding of the original contract,” he said.


The AMA (WA) also called on the State Government to review all other Serco contracts at FSH that had any clinical aspect.


“We are just not interested in the sterilisation contract but in other contracts that FSH has with Serco,” Dr Gannon said.


“It is time these mistakes were solved – as much as possible – and we ensure that other mistakes are not just waiting to happen.”

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