Save tax and interest on Investment Home Loans with Commonwealth Bank

Save tax and interest on Investment Home Loans with Commonwealth Bank


One of the many ways the AMA(WA) supports our members is to bring you outstanding products and services from our specially selected partner organisations. And with the financial year rapidly drawing to a close, we know many members are looking for opportunities to improve their tax position before year end.If you have an investment property or you’re thinking of buying one, you might like to consider an interest only Fixed Rate Investment Home Loan paying interest in advance from the Commonwealth Bank. By prepaying next year’s interest payments in one lump sum you’ll benefit from 0.35% p.a. discount on the standard fixed investment home loan rate*. That’s in addition to any preferential rates and fee discounts you already receive as an AMA (WA) member.


Even better, you may be able to claim a deduction for the year’s interest costs, providing an immediate tax benefit this financial year. As tax laws are complex and everyone’s situation is different, we recommend you consult your accountant or tax adviser before making any decisions.


Why consider paying interest in advance on an interest-only Fixed Rate Investment Home Loan?

  • Save 0.35%p.a. off the standard fixed rate, this is inclusive of the Wealth Package discount.
  • Enjoy potential tax advantages by claiming a tax deduction sooner.
  • Lock in a competitive interest rate for up to five years ahead.


What do you need to do?
To find out more call Lisa Iacomella, Manager Premier Banking, CommBank, on (08) 9211 1712 for an obligation-free consultation.

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*Interest In Advance is only available on interest only Fixed Rate Investment Home Loans (with fixed rate periods of 1 to 5 years only) and the Interest in Advance period must equal the interest only and fixed rate period. Interest In Advance discount of 0.20% p.a. can be applied in conjunction with Wealth Package discounts. Applications for finance are subject to Commonwealth Bank’s normal credit approval. Full terms and conditions are included in the Loan Offer. Fees and charges are payable.
Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124. Australian credit licence 234945.
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