YFD Training Program

Adolescence is a time of changing health needs, requiring medical practitioners to effectively adapt, understand and meet the requirements of their young patient’s needs.


The Youth Friendly Doctor program is designed to provide medical professionals with the skills and knowledge to remain up to date with the most pertinent issues affecting young people and how to best manage these issues.


The program is developed and delivered by health professionals with specific skills in the area of youth health, providing the most current information.  


To enrol in the workshops listed below, please complete the registration form or complete the online form below. For further information about the program contact the AMA (WA) on 08 9273 3000 or yfd@amawa.com.au


General Practitioners


Please note that CPD points for the 2019 program will be applied for with the RACGP and ACCRM.


Training Schedule


12/02/2019 6:30pm YFD – Young People, Ethics and the Law (Core)
12/03/2019 6:30pm YFD – Mental Health Disorders: Diagnosis and Assessment
16/04/2019 6:30pm YFD – Mental Health Disorders: Psychosocial Wellbeing (Core)
07/05/2019 6:30pm YFD – Alcohol and Drug use among Young People
28/05/2019 6:30pm YFD – Overweight and Obesity in Young People
18/06/2019 6:30pm YFD – Sexual Health
06/08/2019 6:30pm YFD – Eating Disorders in Young People
27/08/2019 6:30pm YFD – Young People, Ethics and the Law (Core)
10/09/2019 6:30pm YFD – Social Media and the Internet
01/10/2019 6:30pm YFD – Mental Health Disorders: Diagnosis and Assessment
22/10/2019 6:30pm YFD – Mental Health Disorders: Psychosocial Wellbeing (Core)


The Youth Friendly Doctor Training Program is offered at no cost to AMA Members. The general cost of course fees is based on funding support available. Please check at time of enrolment.


All sessions take place at the AMA, 14 Stirling Highway, Nedlands. Light refreshments are provided.


Registration Form

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