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WA Health Dept launches mosquito awareness campaign


The WA Department of Health (DoH) has recently launched a community awareness campaign about mosquitoes called Fight the Bite. The campaign aims to provide individuals with relevant information on mosquito-borne disease and simple ways to prevent being bitten at home, on holiday in Australia and on holiday overseas.


There will be increased mosquito activity and a greater risk of mosquito-borne disease in Perth and the south-west over the coming months, and in the north of the State once the wet season gets underway. As general practitioners, you are a vital source of health-related information for patients. A variety of resources are available to you, including brochures, posters and digital content, should you wish to incorporate Fight the Bite into the health information available in your clinic.


You may also wish to direct patients to the new Healthy WA website which contains expanded information on mosquito-borne diseases and repellent application for both adults and children. The website is available at:


If you would like to request resources for your practice or be kept up to date on mosquito-borne disease in WA, please contact Dr Abbey Potter at

Variation to ACCC authorisation


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has approved a variation to the AMA’s authorisation covering general practitioners.


In 2013, the AMA applied for, and was granted, an authorisation by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) allowing general practitioners to engage in:

(a) intra-practice price setting;

(b) collective bargaining by single practices in relation to engagement of  Visiting Medical Officers to public hospitals; and

(c) collective bargaining by single practices in relation to the provision of services to Medicare Locals (MLs)


In 2014, MLs were under review, with the Department of Health commissioning a review which advised on all aspects of Medicare Locals’ structure, operations and functions, as well as future directions. As a result of that review, 31 Primary Health Network (PHNs) replaced around 61 Medicare Locals in mid-2015.


The AMA acted on the results of the change from MLs to PHNs and applied to the ACCC for a variation to its existing authorisation to ensure that GPs would still be acting in compliance with the authorisation when negotiating with PHNs.


The Application and supporting submission were lodged in February 2016 and public consultation began in March. The final determination in favour of the application was issued on 8 April and allows GPs to lawfully engage in collective bargaining with PHNs within the terms of the Authorisation.


Full details can be found on the ACCC’s website


Incentive payments needed to support quality after hours primary care services


The AMA is calling for the restoration of Practice Incentive Program (PIP) payments to general practices to support the provision of quality after hours primary care services in local communities.


The PIP call is a key plank of the AMA’s submission to the Government’s After Hours Primary Health Care Review (After Hours Review).


Federal AMA President, A/Prof Brian Owler, said today that the former Government cut direct PIP funding to general practices that provided after hours services, and shifted the funding to Medicare Locals, a move that was opposed by the AMA at the time.


To read more, please click here


AMA backs innovative plan to attract doctors to work and live in small country towns


The AMA has released its Position Statement on the “Easy Entry, Gracious Exit” Model for Provision of Medical Services in Small Rural and Remote Towns, which supports an innovative plan to attract and retain medical professionals in small country towns.


To read more, please click here

Government must dispense with Pharmacy Guild plan to plunder primary care


The Federal AMA has said that the Federal Government must immediately rule out doing a deal with the Pharmacy Guild to fund pharmacies to provide medical health checks.


To read A/Prof Brian Owler’s comments, please click here

Green Light for Practice Nurse Contribution to Health Assessments


AMA President, A/Prof Owler, has said that the Department of Health (DoH) has finally provided satisfactory clearly-worded clarification about the role of practice nurses when undertaking health assessments.


To read A/Prof Owlers comments, please click here

AMA Australian Medicine Budget Special Report 2013


The AMA has released a report highlighting which areas of Health and Medicine have been affected by the 2013 Federal Budget.


To read the report, please click here

Self Education Tax Deduction Cuts Deferred, however Pressure still on to Scrap the Cap


AMA President Dr Steve Hambleton has vowed to continue the fight to get the $2000 cap on tax deductions for work-related self-education expenses scrapped despite the Federal Government’s decision to defer the tax change until mid-2015.


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Assessing Fitness to Drive

The National Transport Commission and Austroads are pleased to announce the release of Assessing Fitness to Drive, the 2012 revised national medical standards for driver licensing. Assessing Fitness to Drive has been extensively revised, drawing on recent research and expert opinion on the impact of various chronic medical conditions on driving. General practitioners have been a key stakeholder group in the conduct of the review, with representation on the project Reference Group by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

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