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AMA (WA)’s Seminars provide members with an opportunity to find out important information related to medical issues that may impact on the delivery of medical services. For the convenience of AMA (WA) members and to ensure rural practitioners can access the information discussed during the seminars, video recordings are available.


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12 June 2014


Breakfast with the Health Minister, Hon. Dr Kim Hames


Over 100 Members attended a Breakfast with the Minister for Health on 12th June 2014 organised by the AMA (WA) primarily for the purpose of facilitating feedback from the Minister on issues pertaining to the transition of health services to Fiona Stanley Hospital from October 2014. The session generated healthy debate on a range of issues not all of which were answered during the session. The AMA will follow up with the Minister’s office to obtain answers to all issues raised.


The AMA will continue to provide information on the issues raised via email or on the website


Watch Dr Hames’ address to public health salaried practitioners
Watch Dr Hames’ field a Q&A from AMA (WA) members


20 March 2014


Following the registration of the new AMA industrial agreements for medical practitioners working in the public sector, the Association held two successful member briefings for both junior and senior practitioners to provide practitioners with information on the entitlements and obligations under the industrial agreements successfully renegotiated with the Department of Health last year.


Watch Marcia Kuhne’s discussion on the latest industrial agreements for senior practitioners.
Watch Marcia Kuhne field a Q&A session from AMA (WA) members.
Watch Clare Francis’ discussion on the latest industrial agreements for junior practitioners.
Watch Clare Francis field a Q&A from AMA (WA) members.


28 May 2013


Breakfast with the Health Minister, Hon. Dr Kim Hames


Health Minister Dr Hames presented a  review of the State Government’s health priorities during the current term of government to members of the AMA (WA).


Prior to the recent WA election, the AMA (WA) presented the Government with a comprehensive list of critical health issues and made recommendations for addressing these issues. Minister Hames discussed the commitments made by the Government during the election campaign and the implementation of proposed health reforms.


Watch Dr Hames discuss the election commitments made by the Government
Watch Dr Hames speak about the future of health care in WA
Watch Dr Hames field a Q&A session with members of the AMA (WA)


12 February 2013


PIP eHealth Incentive and the PCEHR – What Medical Practitioners Need to Know!


This special seminar included an overview of the current eHealth landscape, understanding legal obligations and the regulatory compliance framework, completing a Participation Agreement to suit your needs, and how to opt-in and opt-out of the new regime.


Watch Dr Mukesh Haikerwal discuss his experience with PCEHR, and his views on why E-Health is an important tool to utilise.
Watch AMA (WA) President Dr Richard Choong discuss the AMA’s position on the implementation of an electronic health record.
Watch Dr Mukesh Haikerwal’s Q&A session on the E-Health seminar.


26 September 2012


The Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record – How it Will Work in Your Practice


This very important seminar highlights how the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) will work in your practice. It is an interactive and dynamic presentation for Doctors – particularly GPs.


Watch Dr Nathan Pinskier and Professor Bernard Pearn-Rowe present their views on the e-health record.


3 July 2012

  • The Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record
  • Federal Budget Cuts to Practice Incentive Payment
  • Medicare Audits and Their Impact on General Practice


This very important seminar highlighted the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) and the implementation pitfalls, their legal and financial implications, the Federal budget cuts to PIPs and their serious impact on GPs and their patients and Medicare audits.


Watch Professor Bernard Pearn-Rowe discuss the benefits of PCEHR.
Watch Dr Simon Torvaldsen address the breakfast on the Federal Budget cuts to PIP.
Watch Dr Jane Deacon recount the huge jump in the Medicare Benefits Schedule during the last decade.

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