Perth Stadium urged to say “no” to full strength alcohol

Perth Stadium urged to say “no” to full strength alcohol

Wednesday 3 May 2017


Full strength alcohol should not be made available at the new Perth Stadium, the Australian Medical Association (WA) has said today.


“There is no need for full strength beer or other strong drinks to be available at Perth Stadium. This should be across the board, with no special allowances for boxes or private areas,” AMA (WA) President Dr Andrew Miller said.


“Perth Stadium should be striving to foster a family friendly environment. If you are desperate for a full-strength beer or a drink with a high alcohol content then don’t go to the football – go to your local pub or stay at home.

“This is especially the case during cricket. Sitting out in the sun for a full day’s cricket with full strength beer flowing is a recipe for disaster.  While most people are capable of drinking responsibly, there’s always a few bad eggs that ruin it for everyone.


“Perth Stadium is the last place that strong drinks should be sold. Sport should be a family event, and if adults are not able to make it through the event without strong drinks, then they need to take a good hard look at their issues with alcohol.


“This is a serious public health issue and should not be seen as reinforcing the so-called ‘nanny state’.


“This is about reinforcing the message to our children that sport and alcohol don’t mix. This is about the management at the new Perth Stadium taking responsibility for its patrons, and for society in general, by making a stand on easy access to strong alcohol.


“The best harm minimisation strategy for any stadium or sporting ground is to keep full-strength out.


“Perth Stadium has an opportunity to show stadiums around Australia the way forward.


“Arguing that other states make full-strength beer available is not an argument for Perth.


“The alcohol lobby will argue this is personal freedom. There are always appropriate controls on what we can do in society.


“There is enough full strength beer or other strong drinks available in society without it being offered for sale at Perth Stadium,” Dr Miller said.

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