Peel Health criticism ‘baseless and unfair’

Peel Health criticism ‘baseless and unfair’

Thursday 18 April 2013

The Australian Medical Association (WA) today criticised a so-called whistle blower for suggesting that the practices of some doctors at Peel Health Campus had put patient’s health at risk.


The Inquiry into Peel Health Campus: Contract Management and Clinical Outcomes released late yesterday found no evidence of compromised patient care and no evidence on a significant sample of cases of clinically improper admissions.


“There has been a shadow over the actions of any medical professional who has had any connection with Peel Health Campus over the last year. It is now clear that the vast majority of these accusations were not only unfair but were also baseless,” AMA (WA) President Dr Richard Choong said.


“This report has now clearly demonstrated that these accusations are utterly false,” he said.


The report found that the: “clinical care of patients on the whole is appropriate, safe and effective at Peel Health Campus over the last 3 years as examined in this Inquiry.”


Some issues were found by the inquiry, however these were “associated with the introduction of the 4 Hour Rule to all hospital Emergency Departments.”


The AMA (WA) also thanked the Special Inquirer Professor Bryant Stokes for his work in investigating the claims.


“Once again Professor Stokes has performed an exemplary job for health in Western Australia.


“He has laid to rest many unsubstantiated allegations about the professionalism of many doctors and other medical professionals,” Dr Choong said.


Dr Choong also rejected the attack by the Opposition on this report as a ‘whitewash’.


“It is a joke to call this report a whitewash,” he said.


“Professor Stokes had wide and substantial powers to investigate any and all claims. I am confident that he has used them to full effect.


“I hope that this matter has now, finally, been put to bed. With Ramsay Health now about to take over the running of the Peel Health Campus I believe that both doctors nurses can move on and do what they all do best. That is looking after the health needs of thousands of West Australians every year with enormous skill and compassion.”

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