Nurses Action Heavy Handed

Nurses Action Heavy Handed

Tuesday 26 February 2013


The Australian Medical Association (WA) today praised the State Government for resolving the nurse’s industrial action but criticised the nurse’s union over its heavy handed tactics.


“The State Government has shown the real leadership over this issue,” AMA (WA) president Dr Richard Choong said.


“It was appropriate that the Government stepped in and solved this face-off when they did,” Dr Choong said.


“I realise the nurse’s union has claimed that no patients were at risk as a result of their industrial actions including the closure of beds.”


“However, as AMA (WA) president I received regular expressions of concern from medical professionals about the industrial action. I have also spoken to emergency physicians who have confirmed that lives were at risk.


“There is absolutely no doubt that lives were needlessly put at risk as a result of the industrial action. At the same time, patients and their families were also put at enormous inconvenience and were caused a great deal of worry,” Dr Choong said.


“The nurse’s union just used the lives of patients – our most vulnerable citizens – as pawns in their efforts to gain an early wage deal.”


“WA nurses deserve to be the best paid in our nation but have gained that using totally inappropriate tactics that should never be repeated,” he said.


“Thanks to the intervention and goodwill of the State Government, this unnecessary industrial action has now ended. We should now move on and turn our attention back to all working for the good health of all West Australians.”

For further comment or to contact Dr Choong, please call Robert Reid: 0422 553877

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