No apology – AMA (WA) fully supports evidence given to Parliamentary Inquiry

No apology – AMA (WA) fully supports evidence given to Parliamentary Inquiry

Friday 21 August 2015


The AMA (WA) fully supports the comments made by Dr Ian Jenkins at yesterday’s Parliamentary Inquiry into Fiona Stanley Hospital.


AMA (WA) President Dr Michael Gannon said today that he stood by the evidence Dr Jenkins gave to the Standing Committee, adding the AMA (WA) speaks with “one voice”.


“Dr Jenkins was there representing the AMA. I couldn’t think of anyone more appropriate – a former AMA (WA) Vice President, the Chairman of our Public Hospital Doctor’s Committee and someone who works in the hospital. What better person to give evidence before the Inquiry,” Dr Gannon said.


He also added that while he did call Health Minister Dr Kim Hames yesterday to discuss the issue, it should not be construed as an apology.


“I made a courtesy call to Dr Hames to discuss our evidence to the Inquiry – not to apologise.


“The Health Minister and I enjoy a robust, respectful relationship, and while we may not agree on many issues, constructive dialogue is essential to progress and improvement.


The comments made to the Committee yesterday by Dr Jenkins were based largely on an extensive survey of doctors working at Fiona Stanley Hospital and in the Southern Metropolitan Health Service. Much of his submission referred to problems in commissioning and a lot of it, to problems encountered in the initial months of operation.


“I told Dr Hames yesterday that the AMA is reasonably comfortable with his approach to the issues at Fiona Stanley Hospital. Problems have been identified and there now seems to be an appetite to fix them,” Dr Gannon said.


“I would like to thank Dr Hames for agreeing to meet with Dr Jenkins and myself. We look forward to liaising with the Minister and the Health Department as our end goal is the same,” he said.

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