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New Intern Member Packages have just launched!

Sign up before 25 October 2021 to lock in the 2021 Intern membership rate and access free Intern events

Key Benefits

  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesAccess expert industrial relations advice and representation – the AMA (WA) negotiates your Enterprise Bargaining Agreement and works tirelessly to improve your working conditions.
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesGet involved by joining the Doctors in Training (DiT) Committee and contribute to health policy and advocacy development.
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesAccess your complementary tickets to our Youth Friendly Doctor Program in September and October, the 2022 Intern Information Session in October and Intern Celebration: Mad-capped Medical Quiz Night in November.
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesGrow your professional and social networks through your exclusive access and great discounts to a range of networking, sporting and formal events.
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesBuild your leadership and clinical skills through our program of member seminars, webinars and workshops.
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesKeep up-to-date through the variety of print and digital publications including the Medical Journal of Australia, Medicus Journal plus the InSight and & Med e-link newsletters.
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesAccess a range of free guides and resources including Internship 101: Finding your Way as a New Intern (valued at $21.95)
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesUtilise your free tax return* (valued at $87
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesFree financial health check.
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesAMA Mortgage Broker exclusive with up to $2,000 extra cashback^. More on this.
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership Packages5% discount at AMA Medical Products
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesAccess to the MJA (valued at $499), InSight, Medicus & Med e-link
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesPolice Medical Identification Card – exclusive for AMA (WA) members
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesJust launched! Member Benefits Program – an exclusive, expanded suite of rewards, discounts and special offers for AMA (WA) members
  • AMA (WA) | Interns Membership PackagesOver $3,000 in value in your membership package^

^Terms and conditions apply.

Why you should join us!

AMA (WA) | Dr Jemma Hogan AMA (WA) member since 2017

Dr Jemma Hogan

Co-Chair, AMA (WA) Doctors in Training Committee

“The AMA (WA) drives the annual Hospital Health Check to enable junior doctors like us to make smarter workplace choices. We are also behind game-changers like AMSA and Dr YES. Our work is driven by doctors, for doctors like you. It’s a new journey, a new way of life, a new world and you will be making tough calls. AMA (WA) Membership is just not one of them!”

2022 Interns Member Package

Join before 25 October –  avoid next year’s fee increase AND pay nothing until January 2022.

$35 per month (+GST)

Internship 101 is now available for all AMA (WA) members

AMA WA | 2021 Interns Guide
Click here to read the 2021 guide

With a fresh new look, the 2021 Guide is packed with useful advice & information to help all new interns navigate through their first year of practising medicine. Hear from senior colleagues & current doctors in training who share insights about how to make the most of your internship. The AMA (WA) Workplace Relations team helps you understand your payslip, work entitlements, salary packaging & more.  Other handy inclusions are the JMO Referral Guide & the 2021 Hospital Health Check. 


See Flip Book

AMA (WA) working for Interns

  • Continuing to fight for workforce reform to address staffing shortages – the AMA (WA) has been involved in the early onboarding of interns for the 2022 teaching year.
  • Strongly advocating for the retention and portability of entitlements for training within WA, interstate and overseas.
  • Identifying and prosecuting systemic wage theft, and securing repayments for AMA (WA) members.
  • Advocating for proper allocation of overtime, and payment of recall.
  • Holding WA Health accountable via the 2021 Hospital Health Check.
  • Successfully campaigning for fair access to parental leave for all doctors, both parents and arguing for facilities to support a return to work following parental leave.
  • Advice and support through performance and disciplinary processes.
  • Developing a dedicated AMA (WA) Intern community platform which will be launched soon.
AMA (WA) | (WA) DiT Committee
Some of the members of the AMA (WA) DiT Committee

Support and Representation


The Australian Medical Association (WA) offers industrial and professional guidance, support and representation for all doctors in training (DiTs).

The AMA (WA) DiT Committee places DiTs at the heart of AMA (WA) policy-making and political advocacy. Combined with our workplace advocacy, member benefits and professional services, the AMA (WA) is here to promote your professional interests and support your journey to specialisation.

As with the whole medical profession in Western Australia, 2020 has seen DiTs adapt and rise to the challenge of COVID-19. Training and career progression for DiTs have been impacted, with many opportunities delayed, postponed or cancelled.

Workforce planning and access to leave continue to be major challenges for our workforce – challenges that have been exacerbated by COVID-19. Workforce planning is of increasing importance due to the current migration challenges for overseas trained doctors and the return home of DiT colleagues.

In addition to our COVID-19 response, the AMA (WA) continues to address systemic issues facing the DiT workforce, including: jobs that do not meet college training pathways; a lack of ‘nominal length of training’ appointments; reliance on employment pools; and workforce shortages. Parental leave in particular has become a new focus, with many DiTs facing difficulties when making requests for parental leave. This leave cannot be denied by your employer due to staffing shortages as was recently attempted by WA Health.

The AMA (WA) Workplace Relations team has been assisting DiTs and fighting on behalf of members when these unacceptable issues arise, and is in frequent conversations with the Chief Medical Officer and WA Health on a wide range of topics.

AMA (WA) | MEDICUS June 2021Hospital Health Check 2021

With questions on overtime, payslips and bullying, and a continued focus on education for career progression and access to leave (especially within the COVID context), the 2021 Hospital Health Check was built by doctors in training (DiTs) for doctors in training.

Responses to HHC are anonymous. Furthermore, all responses will be collated, analysed and reported by the Australian Medical Association (WA) independent of the hospitals. All DiTs are invited to participate in the survey, and strongly encouraged to respond freely and openly.

With the data gathered from the 2021 Hospital Health Check survey, the AMA (WA) and the DiT Committee will continue to progress and prosecute issues on your behalf, so that you can focus on patient care and your journey to specialisation.

Results from the 2021 Hospital Health Check have been released, with this year’s report card recording some of the worst overall scores since the annual survey commenced in 2015. Informed by responses from more than 800 DiTs across WA, the results illustrate that while DiTs are working harder to cover workforce shortages, the system is failing to support them. View the 2021 Hospital Health Check Report Card by clicking here.