Keep a close eye on the kids over Christmas: AMA (WA)

Keep a close eye on the kids over Christmas: AMA (WA)

Tuesday 23 December 2014


Parents are reminded to keep a close eye on their children and their toys this Christmas, AMA (WA) President Dr Michael Gannon said today.


The warning comes after 95 children’s products were deemed unsafe by the NSW Government and pulled off Sydney shelves earlier this month.


“Toys manufactured overseas often do not go through the same rigorous safety checks as Australian products,” Dr Gannon said.


“It is an unfortunate reality that some children this Christmas will have to be taken to hospital emergency departments as a consequence of something that should not just be harmless but also should be fun – playing with a Christmas toy or other gift.


“Toys purchased from discount stores, pop up shops and online retailers are sometimes poorly made, easily broken and could put your child at risk.


“We advise parents to purchase toys from recognised retail outlets, where products go through mandatory safety checks from the ACCC.


“We also urge parents to check the labelling and ensure the toys they have purchased are age appropriate.


“Toys such as remote controlled helicopters are a big contributor to trips to the emergency department over Christmas, and should always be operated under adult supervision.


“We wish everyone a very merry, but more importantly, a very safe Christmas,” Dr Gannon said.


For more information on toy safety, please check the Product Safety Australia website.

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