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Page Background

Dr Angie Lee with

A/Prof Rosanna Capolingua.

Adj/Prof Janice Bell, Dr Alison Soerensen

and Dr Simon Torvaldsen.

Support system:


elected State President

Dr Omar Khorshid and wife

Dr Angie Lee with their son


Four-year-old Alex Khorshid and his best

mate “Doggie” were surprise additions to

the AGM panel.

Rhiannon Hicks, Alex Wright, Dr Mark Duncan-Smith

and Prof Geoff Dobb.

AMA Federal President Dr Michael Gannon

acknowledges Dr Andrew Miller during the AGM.

Dr Chris Wilson and Dr Michael Page

with A/Prof David Mountain.

Dr David McCoubrie and

Prof Mark Khangure.

Michael Prendergast, Prof Paul Skerritt, Dr Margaret

Doherty with Dr Martin Chapman.

A M A ( WA ) A G M

Office Bearers


Dr Omar Khorshid

Immediate Past President

Dr Andrew Miller

Vice President

Dr Mark Duncan-Smith

Vice President

Dr David McCoubrie


A/Prof David Mountain

Honorary Secretary

Dr Janice Bell

Assistant Honorary Secretary

Dr Marcus Tan

Division of Specialty Practice (WA)

Dr Tony Ryan

Dr Stuart Salfinger

Division of General Practice (WA)

Dr Steve Wilson

Dr Simon Torvaldsen

Division of Salaried/State

Government Service

Prof Leon Flicker, vacant position

Ordinary Members

A/Prof Rosanna Capolingua,

Dr Gordon Harloe, Dr Farhan Shahzad

Other Members

Chairperson, IHLC

Dr Ian Jenkins

Chairperson, Council of

General Practice

Dr Simon Torvaldsen

Chairperson, WA Faculty RACGP

Dr Tim Koh

Chief Medical Officer

Prof Gary Geelhoed

Rural Representative

A/Prof Peter Maguire

Psychiatry Representative

Dr Martin Chapman

Exec Dean, Faculty of Health and

Medical Science UWA

Prof Wendy Erber

Dean, School of Medicine UND

Prof Jane Courtney

Dean, Curtin Medical School

Prof William Hart

Co-Chair, Doctors-in-Training

Dr Michael Page

Co-Chair, Doctors-in-Training

Dr Chris Wilson

Pres, WA Medical Students' Society

Rhiannon Hicks

Pres, Medical Students’

Association Notre Dame

Alex Wright

Pres, Curtin Medical School Society

Raphin Hossain

Federal Councillors

Dr Michael Gannon, A/Prof David

Mountain, Prof Mark Khangure,

Dr Omar Khorshid, Prof Gary Geelhoed

WA Federal Board Member

Prof Geoff Dobb

AMA (WA) Council 2017-18