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J U N E 2 0 1 7


he Australian Medical Association (WA) has elected a

new State President – Dr Omar Khorshid.

One of the youngest Presidents in the Association’s

history, the 42-year-old Orthopaedic Surgeon was elected

unopposed earlier this month at the AMA (WA)’s Annual

General Meeting.

A graduate of the University of Western Australia’s Medical

School, Dr Khorshid has been a prominent voice in the AMA

(WA) for almost two decades. He used the platform of his

very first address as President to outline some of the areas he

hopes to focus on during his tenure, including obesity services

and surgery, along with planning for future health services.

“If it is necessary to go to the trenches and fight to protect

proper funding and staffing for health services, then I am more

than willing to take a leadership position in that fight,”

Dr Khorshid said.

He also stated his intention to work with the McGowan

Government to ensure WA health was not sidelined in the

coming State Budget.

Dr Khorshid thanked outgoing President Dr Andrew Miller for

his year in office.

“Dr Miller represented the AMA in WA extremely well over the

last year and like everyone, I believe it is an enormous shame

that, due to family illness, he was not able to stand for

a second term.

“However the changes he began, the relationships he

developed and the impact he had on health will be long-

lasting,” Dr Khorshid said.

Earlier in the evening retiring President Dr Andrew Miller

expressed his thanks for having the opportunity to lead the

Association, comparing it to being at the front of a peloton.

“You’re only there because you have this train of people

behind you while others hand you water bottles from the side

of the road,” he said.

Other movements in Council included the appointment of

Dr David McCoubrie as Vice President and Dr Farhan Shahzad

as an Ordinary Member. Dr Miller also welcomed Prof William

Hart, Prof Jane Courtney, Rhiannon Hicks, Alex Wright

and Raphin Hossain onto Council while commending the

commitment of outgoing members Dr Dror Maor, Dr Daniel

Heredia, Prof John Newnham, Prof Shirley Bowen, Prof Bernard

Pearn-Rowe, Daniel Dorevitich and Sid Narula.

A M A ( WA ) A G M

Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Omar Khorshid will lead the Association in

WA as health in the State faces a rising number of challenges

AMA elects new


Thank you:

Retiring President

Dr Andrew Miller addresses members.

New gig:

Dr Omar Khorshid used the platform of his very first address as President to outline some

of the areas he hopes to focus on during his tenure.