Immunisation important for both your child and the community

Immunisation important for both your child and the community

Friday 12 April 2013


 AMA (WA) President Dr. Richard Choong has urged parents to think not only of their children’s health, but the community as a whole when deciding on immunisation.


After the startling immunisation results released recently by the NHPA, Dr. Choong addressed parents on the necessity of vaccinating their children.


Dr. Choong stated that, “Parents who don’t vaccinate their children have to be fully aware that if their child catches rubella and passes it on to a pregnant woman, they may have caused that child to have birth defects or to be miscarried.”


He has also asked parents not to fall for misinformation supplied by anti-vaccination lobbyists.
“There is a lot of misinformation out there, but vaccines are safe, and I urge all parents to do the responsible thing and vaccinate their children,” he said.


Dr. Choong went on to say that the schools of W.A should encourage their students to be vaccinated.
There are currently no penalties in place for parents who decide not to vaccinate their children on ‘conscientious’ grounds, despite the risk such choices have towards other children.


“Schools have to ensure they have accurate immunisation records for every child who entered at any age, not just those starting for the first time,” he said.


The AMA (WA) has applauded the State Health Department on its statement that it would attempt to increase child immunisation around the State.

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