Hospital Health Check survey now open!

Hospital Health Check survey now open!

Friday 15 March 2019


The Hospital Health Check (HHC) is the annual survey of issues affecting Doctors in Training (DiTs) in WA from working conditions and wellbeing, to career path and education. It is designed for all levels of DiTs – from Interns to Fellows with improved questions from previous years, catered to each level to find out what you want and need for your medical career and life. 


Now a nationwide initiative, the HHC started in WA in 2015 developed by the Co-Chairs of the Doctors in Training Committee. Previous years Hospital Health Checks have been the turning points for DiTs on a number of issues including increasing transparency and access to Annual Leave, increasing access to Professional Development Leave, increasing access to Flexible Working hours, Highlighting the poor morale at PMH which triggered the CAHS review.


In 2018 the HHC triggered a number of hospital-based investigations into annual leave access, payment of higher duties and morale, and subsequent changes made at the hospital level.  Have your voice heard today: complete the survey online now.

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Why I Joined the AMA (WA)...
"It is my hope that we can tackle the challenges our profession faces, united as one. If we dislike our working hours, our pay, gender inequality or low training opportunities, we can change these together. As a nurse in my previous life, I know that when a profession stands as one, people listen."
Dr Rebecca Cogan
Dr Rebecca Cogan
It’s not just about the money. Rights and self-worth anyone?
Dr Jason Laurens
Wednesday, 22nd May 2019

Each year the Hospital Health Check surveys doctors in training (DiTs) about factors that affect their pay, including accuracy of rosters, overtime and correctness of payslips.   Sadly while some areas of the 2019 HHC have shown significant improvement, our …