Final concrete pour at Perth Children’s Hospital a missed opportunity: AMA (WA)

Final concrete pour at Perth Children’s Hospital a missed opportunity: AMA (WA)

Wednesday 11 June 2014


The final concrete pour at the Perth Children’s Hospital today represents a missed opportunity according to the Australian Medical Association (WA).


“Princess Margaret Hospital has been a significant part of Western Australia’s health history – but it is an ageing building, well past its prime. We will have a new hospital for the children of WA next year and for this, we congratulate the State Government,” AMA (WA) President Dr Michael Gannon said.


However the Association maintains that the government’s vision of a ground-breaking hospital that will adequately support paediatric services in the State is fundamentally flawed.


“The Barnett Government’s decision not to add two extra floors to the new children’s hospital will go down as one of the worst decisions in WA Health’s history,” Dr Gannon said.


“The Government had the opportunity to build a hospital for the future. Instead they have built a hospital for today.


“The Perth Children’s Hospital is meant to last for at least 50 years. Yet within 12 months of it opening, it will be bursting at the seams.


“WA’s birth rate is increasing dramatically and according to the most recent ABS data, our population is increasing by 1,467 people per week on average,” Dr Gannon said.


“In fact, WA has recorded the fastest growing population of any state since June 2007.


“Why didn’t the State Government grasp the opportunity of building a hospital with capacity for expansion?


“Governments will move on but the families of WA will be the ones who will ask ‘why’?


“Anyone who passes the hospital will see an exciting, vibrant building taking shape. Beneath it all though, lies missed opportunity and a blinkered vision of WA’s health and WA’s future,” Dr Gannon said.

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