Extra funding for PMH welcomed, but still waiting on extra bed decision

Extra funding for PMH welcomed, but still waiting on extra bed decision

Thursday 22 August 2013


The State Government must use a once in a generation opportunity to future-proof Perth’s new children’s hospital, the Australian Medical Association (WA) said today.


Additional funding on cancer and clinical specialists and a range of other needs at Princess Margaret Hospital as announced by the State Government today was an appropriate use of taxpayer’s money and would add to the services available for some of our sickest children, AMA (WA) President Dr Richard Choong said.


“We welcome the news today regarding the additional funding for cancer, chronic pain, allergy and surgical services, which will go a long way to supplementing existing medical services at Princess Margaret Hospital,” Dr Choong said.


However, the new spending plans were no replacement for the real need – 100 beds to be added to the new Perth Children’s Hospital, he said.


“Today’s announcement by Health Minister Dr Kim Hames is very welcome and will greatly assist the health needs of WA children and young people,” Dr Choong said.


“However this announcement is not and should never be seen as a replacement for the real need at Perth’s new children’s Hospital, which remains the provision of 100 new beds and at least one new floor to be added to the new hospital which is currently under construction.”


“We need to use this opportunity to future proof our landmark children’s hospital. As a community we cannot afford to miss this opportunity to future-proof WA’s health needs.”


“This is the best and the most cost effective time to do this and the Government needs to make its decision soon.
Dr Choong also expressed concern that Dr Hames said there would be announcement on the AMA’s proposal to add another floor in “two weeks.”


“To hear that Dr Hames will make the announcement on the extra floor at the new children’s hospital in the next couple of weeks is worrisome.”


“His announcement today is good news for sick children and their parents. It would be a pity if a positive announcement on AMA’s call for an additional 100 beds was drowned out with the noise from the final week of the Federal election,” Dr Choong said.



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