Excellence awarded at the AMA (WA) Annual Gala Dinner

Excellence awarded at the AMA (WA) Annual Gala Dinner

Tuesday 1 August 2017


WA Police Commissioner Dr Karl O’Callaghan has been recognised by the Australian Medical Association (WA), receiving the Associations’ top non-medical award at the weekend.


Dr O’Callaghan, who was appointed as Commissioner in 2004, was presented with the AMA (WA)’s President’s Award at the Association’s Gala Dinner on Saturday night, capping off a remarkable career.


WA Premier the Hon. Mark McGowan; Deputy Premier and Health Minister the Hon. Roger Cook; and Police Minister the Hon Michelle Roberts, were in the audience, along with hundreds of WA’s medical professionals.





“For advocating on a huge range of social issues that underpin both crime and many health outcomes; and for his wide-ranging charity work.”


AMA (WA) President Dr Omar Khorshid described Dr O’Callaghan as “a leader and a change agent who has fought for many of the same issues as the AMA.”


“Dr O’Callaghan has always focussed on social issues that drive crime. Every day he and the men and women in the WA Police Force face many of the same issues medical professionals face,” Dr Khorshid said.


“These include drug use and the resulting impact on the State’s mental health burden.”


He has also tackled many issues head-on, channelling the energy of police into handling the aspects of society that are tough and have negative health outcomes.”


“These issues include drug use and the resulting impact on the State’s mental health burden. The police are right in the middle of the affected person’s journey, and through Dr O’Callaghan’s tenure there has been a renewed focus on handling complex cases without judgement or bias.

“He has always demonstrated a genuine commitment to assisting and supporting the community in dealing with these issues,” he said.


Dr Khorshid also called on the WA Government not to lose Dr O’Callaghan’s leadership and experience.


“In a period of history when public debate has become embittered and solutions seem few, individuals such as Karl should be treasured and encouraged by all of us. To the Premier and Ministers here tonight, please take note – there are a number of jobs that Karl would be an ideal fit, especially positions of leadership where ideas are cherished,” Dr Khorshid said.


AMA (WA) Hippocrates Award: Dr Stephen Wilson

“For his passion and commitment to General Practice; a lifetime of patient care and his huge impact on the AMA.”


“Dr Wilson is the role model of an ‘old fashioned GP’. Many doctors can learn a great deal from his example of patient care and quality medicine,” Dr Khorshid said.


“Steve has always shown passion about medicine, his patients and the AMA,” he said.


“An outstanding advocate for medicine, Steve is always willing to take on bureaucracy, is unafraid of anyone and epitomises the dedication required to be a world-class GP,” he said.

“Steve also worked incredibly hard for the AMA and is well recognised and respected through his involvement in a vast number of AMA committees, taskforces and advisory groups. His practice was recognised in 2001 as one of the leaders in Information Technology in Australia, he was chair of the Council of General Practice from 2007 and AMA (WA) Vice President from 2008 – 2011,” Dr Khorshid said.


The Dr Camille Michener Legacy Award: Dr Sarah Newman

“For being an ambassador and leader in the area of junior doctor wellbeing.”


The Camille Michener Legacy Award, awarded to WA’s top junior doctor, recognises the significant and outstanding contribution by Junior Doctors in the areas of teaching and education, leadership and advocacy; and the well-being of doctors along with community service.


Dr Khorshid said Dr Newman had concentrated not just on being a junior doctor but on the wellbeing of her fellow colleagues.


“Even though Sarah has been very busy with work and study, she has always found the time to give back to her profession, and continues to amaze her friends and colleagues at how much she can pack into her life, even when faced with her own health issues,” Dr Khorshid said.

“Dr Newman has demonstrated the importance of medical professionals taking ownership of their own health, her championing of junior doctor wellbeing makes her a worth recipient of this award, Dr Khorshid said.


The AMA (WA) Gala Dinner and Charitable Awards Ceremony is an annual event to recognise great achievements in health leadership, and medical research.


The Gala Dinner also aims to raise money for the AMA’s award-winning adolescent program, Dr YES, which every year strives to give young people, especially of high school age, the skills to handle life in a fast changing world.

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