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The AMA (WA) was pleased to host the Clinical Handover Symposium that took place on Tuesday 14 November 2012 at the UWA Club Theatre in the grounds of the University of WA. The Symposium was organised to engage with medical professionals within WA on the topic of clinical handover, as well as to inform medical professionals about the release of the WA Health Clinical Handover Policy.


The Clinical Handover Policy was launched by the Director General of Health Mr Kim Snowball, who opened proceedings on the evening.
The Symposium was filmed to ensure that practitioners who were unable to attend due to work commitments or distance (e.g. practitioners from rural and remote Australia) had the opportunity to hear what was discussed.


The Symposium Program was as follows:


Opening address by the Director General of Health, Mr Kim Snowball.


Keynote address from Dr Ken Catchpole, Director of Surgical Safety and Human Factors Research at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles.


Dr Ken Catchpole is a research psychologist and human factors practitioner who has worked at various institutions within the UK, including the Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Nuffield Surgery Department at the Oxford University. Dr Catchpole was short-listed for Times Magazine’s Research Project of the Year in 2007 for his work with the Ferrari Racing Team on handovers from surgery to ICU. He has recently moved to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles, where he is focusing on quality improvement, teamwork and human factors in trauma.


Professor of Clinical Safety and Quality at Curtin University and Executive Director of Performance Activity and Quality Division at the Department of Health, Professor Dorothy Jones discussed the activities being undertaken at a national level, again stressing the importance of clinical handover.


WA Chief Medical Officer Professor Gary Geelhoed spoke of the activities being undertaken at state level and discussed the new policy and in particular its focus on iSOBAR as a method of achieving standardisation associated with clinical handover in WA hospitals.


Dr Maria McGill provided an overview of the work that she and her fellow RMO Colleagues, Dr Hannah Hessamodini and Dr Dhanvee Kandadai had undertaken in researching clinical handover within three hospital settings (ICU at SCGH, ED at RPH and Medical Weekend service at Swan Health). This research was part of the Healthy Leadership Program as part of the Healthy Leadership Institute.


Finally, there was an opportunity for a panel discussion, where the previous speakers were joined by representatives from the Chief Nurse and Midwifery Officer Ms Meredith Walker and the Chief Health Professional Officer Ms Ingrid Thorniley. There was an opportunity for the panel to briefly detail their perspective of clinical handover from an inter-professional perspective.


Federal AMA’s Clinical Handover Guide – Safe Handover: Safe Patients


Clinical Handover Symposium video

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